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We specialize in healthy non-damaging, skincare routines. Your skin is your largest organ, let's protect and heal it!
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Classic Set  

FULL SET | 2 hours


Save time in your morning routine with Classic Lash Extensions. This set is a good starting point for those wanting to remove mascara from their morning routine. These extensions are perfect for the woman who has a good amount of natural lashes as one extension is attached to one natural lash, meaning there is no added volume to your natural lash line. If you have more sparse, short natural lashes, our Signature or Volume set will be more beneficial for you!

For more information on the safety of Eyelash Extensions, please visit our FAQ.


Touch Ups:

1 Week: 60 minutes/1 hour

2 Weeks: 75 minutes/1.15 hours

3 Weeks: 90 minutes/1.5 hours



*New to Relax with Kat but currently have extensions on from another lash artist? 

Book our New Client Touch Up - Classic*

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The Signature Set 


FULL SET | 2.5 hours


Also known as Hybrid Lash Extensions! If you're not sure whether Volume or Classic is right for you, why not try them both? This is where most people start as it is a great blend of length and fullness. This gives you more than just the "Mascara Look" of Classic, it also gives your lashes some depth and texture giving you the look of eyeliner and mascara combined! 


Touch Ups:

1 Week: 90 minutes/1.5 hours

2 Weeks: 105 minutes/1.75 hours

3 Weeks: 125 minutes/2 hours
4+ Weeks: NEW FULL SET

*New to Relax with Kat but currently have extensions on from another lash artist? 

Book our New Client Touch Up - SIGNATURE*

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Volume Eyelash Extensions

FULL SET | 3 hours



A Volume set is the most popular eyelash extension service industry wide. Volume eyelash extensions are anywhere from 2-6 very light and thin extensions applied to a single natural lash in the shape of a fan, thus resulting in 100-600 lashes per eye! Each fan is handmade during the appointment, thus why it takes longer than a Classic set. This method can be lighter on the natural lash than a single Classic extension and is great for those who have weak, brittle or damaged natural lashes as we can customize the weight and number of extensions to be healthiest for your natural lash. This set is also ideal for those who have great natural lashes but are used to wearing a lot of eye makeup or strip lashes as the more natural lashes you have, the bolder the look can be. 

Touch Ups:

1 Week: 105 minutes/1.45 hours

2 Weeks: 120 minutes/2 hours

3 Weeks: 150 minutes/2.5 hours

4+ Weeks: NEW FULL SET

*New to Relax with Kat but currently have extensions on from another lash artist?

Book our New Client Touch Up - VOLUME*

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