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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any prep for my beauty appointment?

Dependent upon the treatment, yes. I highly recommend that you shower prior to your appointment as it’s best to wait 24-hours before getting your lashes wet or allowing your shampoo/conditioner to run over your face. For eyelash extensions, facials, lash lifts and tints, come to your appointment makeup free. This ensures the BEST service and that your stylist will not have to cut into your valuable appointment time removing makeup from your face or lashes. No makeup = more lashes, a longer facial, and ultimately better, more relaxing results. 

Will extensions damage my natural eyelashes? 

Absolutely not! Kat has undergone several hours of in-depth training to ensure that you receive a set of lashes that is safe for your natural lashes. Choosing the correct length and weight of extension is all part of the initial process. We will discuss your natural lash health and what best suits you!

Will the eyelash extensions hurt? 

You should never have to worry about whether extensions will hurt! Kat's number one priority is your comfort and safety. Each extension is applied in such a way, that you will barely feel that there is anything attached to your lashes. Extensions have been created to accentuate, not overload or damage your natural lashes. A tiny drop of adhesive is used to secure each extension in place, but will not cause you or your lashes any harm or discomfort.


Are eyelash extensions heavy? 

Individual and volume eyelash extensions are not heavy.The industry has come a long way! They are ultra light and comfortable. You will hardly feel them as they have a barely-there, weightlessness.

How long will my first eyelash appointment take? 

Clients new to eyelash extensions receive a personalized consultation at the start of their first appointment. Depending on the service you request (whether extensions or a lift) it can range from one and a half to 3 hours. 


How long do eyelash extensions last? 

Eyelash extensions can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks. There are many factors involved, but the key ingredient is how well you care for your lashes and how quickly your natural lashes grow and shed. 

What is a lash lift and tint?

A Lash lift and tint has been referred to as a "lash perm and color". This service gives your lashes curl for up to 8 weeks without having to use a lash curler at home. The tint darkens the lashes without the hassle of flaky or smudged mascara at the end of the day! 

How do I care for my lash lift/tint?

For the first 24 hours, you will want to avoid showering (your shampoo and conditioner can cause your lift to relax). For the life of your lift and tint you will need to avoid heavy makeup removers as these will relax your lift and dull your beautiful tint. If you are needing to wear mascara directly after your appointment, we have a mascara formulated specifically for this service.

What sets your facial apart from others? 

I believe in providing an experience, not just a service. From the time you walk into my space, to the time you leave, I want you to feel fully pampered and relaxed. It is YOUR time and YOUR service. My goal is to understand your skin wants and needs before you lay down on the memory foam mattress and close your eyes.   

What is a customized facial? 

This service is tailored to your individual needs. We will go through an in-depth consultation and examination of your skin. We will talk about any desires and concerns you may have and then create a custom treatment plan for you. For your best personal results, monthly facials are strongly recommended along with a specific home care regimen. 

I’ve never heard of a “personalized" brow wax before. What does it include? 

It includes a consultation where we discuss the best shape and style of brow that follows the contour of your face. We then wax, trim, and fill the brow with a makeup powder that matches your hair and skin tone. 


What is your cancellation policy?

Please visit our policies page, as everything is laid out in detail for you. Click here for details:


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