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1:1 Skincare Consultations

Initial Consultation

Schedule your consultation to get a better understanding of your skin and what is needed to get you to your skincare goals and to get started with Relax with Kat!


Your initial consultation includes:

  • An hour-long initial consultation 

  • Lifelong access to the Relax with Kat Client Portal

  • Lifelong access to shorter $20 follow-up consultations

  • One year access to the chat function


During this chat, we will:

  • Discuss your skincare history

  • Establish short-term and long-term skincare goals

  • Learn about what is necessary to obtain those goals

  • Go over any questions you may have as well as basic skincare education



  • Completing your walkthrough prior to your initial consultation is crucial.  There is important paperwork in there as well as detailed instructions on the skin healing process and making the most of our time together. 

  • Please ensure you fill out an intake form (found here) at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled consult. If an intake is not filled out 48 hours prior to your appointment we will need to reschedule.

Follow-up Consultation

Please note that this service is for existing clients of Relax with Kat who have completed the walkthrough and gone through the initial consultation process.  If you have not, please get started with that process HERE


Important information before your follow-up:

Before your scheduled call or video meeting, please ensure your journal is completely up to date and updated images of your skin have been sent in CHAT.  

If you are an older client without access to the CHAT function, please include your images in your journal entry.  


Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you!! 


This walkthrough has been put together to go over both the client portal as well as what to expect during your journey with practice better.  

While you can schedule your appointment before finishing The Walkthrough, you MUST complete this Walkthrough prior to your actual consultation.  Both your initial paperwork and how to schedule your consultation can be found in this walkthrough. 


Please don't just whiz through the Walkthrough.  Remember that we are here to help you and I put a lot of time and effort into explaining the process in an easy to understand way with the walkthrough.  This allows us to focus our efforts on helping you rather than discussing the process when we meet. 


*please note that programs (the walkthrough) and forms not finished at least 48 hours prior to your consultation may result in your appointment needing to be rescheduled. 

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