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Eyelash Extensions - What Should I Expect?

Eyelash Extensions have become extremely popular over the past 5 years. More and more woman are running to their local salon to get these beauty enhancers applied.

Here's what you should know before choosing a stylist:

1. Where have they been trained? This is important. The more educated the individual, the better your results, and you can count on your natural eyelashes remaining healthy if you ever decide to have them removed.

2. They should be asking you questions!

-have you had eyelash extensions before?

-health and allergy-related questions

- what are you goals with your lashes?

-what type of look are you trying to achieve?

A great lash stylist will be very honest with you about the health of your natural lashes and her opinion on length and style best chosen for your eye shape. Kim K lashes are not for everyone! You may not be a candidate for this length and this type of styling could enhance the WRONG features for you. An educated stylist will help bring out your best features and ensure your natural lashes remain healthy in the process.

3. Cleanliness - A professional lash artist will always go over before and after care with you. You should always come to your lash extension appointment free of eye makeup and ready for extensions to be applied as soon as you lay your head down. Clean lashes ensure proper retention and a healthy lash line.

Post-care should NOT be overwhelming. It's as simple as washing your eyelash extensions at least once a day with an extension-safe, oil-free cleanser and ensuring that your lash line stays healthy and clean. If you are not keeping this area clean, there is possibility for infection. If this happens, you will need to have the lashes removed.

4. Honesty - Communication is key to having a great experience and it is a two-way street. Your stylist should give you all the information you need in order to make an educated decision.

Always be honest with your technician about comfort. If something is uncomfortable, itchy, or otherwise, definitely let her know so that she can make adjustments to ensure your comfortability. As a stylist myself, I always welcome feedback from my clients!

Enjoy your new look! Eyelash Extensions are so fun because you can completely change/enhance your already beautiful features. They can save you much-needed prep time in your morning routine and remove the need for a ton of eye makeup. You may find you no longer need any at all!

Put your best face forward,

Kat Hucks

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