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Lash Extension Retention

Hey there! I'm guessing that if you are here reading this you are either:

A. Struggling with your lash extension retention

B. Trying to understand what retention has to do with Lash Extensions

C. Interested in lash extensions and would like as much info as possible!

D. All of the above


E. Other

Please reach out if we can answer any questions not addressed below!

Well, my dear lashista, you're in the right place! Below are my top three tips for keeping those pretty little extensions adhered to your natural lashes as long as possible.

1. Head to all eyelash extension appointments free of makeup, especially mascara or eyeliner that could be left from previous days. If you have buildup on your eyelashes, your extensions are likely to come off more quickly. My advice is to keep those lashes makeup-free for 24-48 hours prior to all appointments.

2. Protect your investment. Quality Eyelash Extensions retail at a pretty penny and I know you want that investment to last as long as possible! Cleanse your lashes daily with an oil-free lash cleanser recommended by your lash artist. You will keep your natural lashes and extensions squeaky clean and ready for your next appointment.

3. Avoid using eye makeup. Eyelash Extensions are generally meant to take the place of your eye makeup. There are extension safe mascaras and liners and if you NEED to use either, please talk to your artist and either purchase from them or get their recommendations. Again, you are protecting your investment by using safe products that will not get caught in your lash extensions causing unnecessary buildup (dirt/bacteria).

There are many factors that affect lash extension retention, so speak with your artist if you have followed these tips but are still experiencing excessive shedding.

Put your best face forward!

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